Work when you want and get paid the same day: EasyShift

May 31

Work when you want and get paid the same day:  EasyShift

Are we dreaming?

Nope, we’ve just signed up for EasyShift, that’s all! What’s more, we did our first four gigs shifts today, and you know what, it was a lot of fun.

EasyShift is an iPhone app from a company called Quri. They put up work requests, called shifts, on an iPhone map. You pick the ones you’d like to do and reserve them. Shifts typically involve traveling to a location, taking a few pictures and answering some survey questions. Easy peasy once you get the hang of it, which you will very quickly. Anyone with a little experience in mystery shopping, secret shopping or retail merchandising will get it immediately.

The idea behind EasyShift is to provide real-time intelligence for retail brands like Heinz, Dreyers Ice Cream, Kingsford Charcoal and more. Brands pay for this information because there’s no point in running a big in-store promotion if the shelves are empty.

Quri officially launched EasyShift yesterday at the D: All Things Digital conference, but it’s been in beta for a while. See how many shifts one worker completed in three days…

Shifters earn not only cash, which so far in our experience has ranged from $1 to $7 per shift, but points too. Certain privileges, such as being able to reserve multiple shifts, accrue with point levels. (Update: We are at the “Director” level currently, where we can reserve up to six shifts at a time.) We’re told you can also qualify for better-paying shifts once you advance. We can only imagine Jiwon from Colorado is in charge of the company now.

EasyShift justifies the payouts by pointing out you’re probably going to go to the store anyway, so why not earn some money while you’re there?

You need an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to use EasyShift. Android is not supported. Download EasyShift through the App Store and get shifting!

TIP FOR GETTING MORE SHIFTS: Be sure to check your phone in the evenings to see if any shifts have popped up near you. Sometimes a previously-reserved shift comes available 3 or 4 hours before the deadline. Shifters can also abandon shifts they cannot complete.

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