Financial independence through Fiverr: Realistic or just hype? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Jul 13

Financial independence through Fiverr:  Realistic or just hype? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Several weeks ago, Fiverr released a new marketing initiative proclaiming, “Endless new opportunities for young educated people are opening up. They realize that the traditional 9-to-5 is no longer their only career option.” Did that realization strike about the time they found themselves $100,000 in student loan debt and clutching a worthless degree in Post-Feminist Sand Castle Construction?

At any rate, Fiverr says, “More and more people are making Fiverr their go-to place to kickstart their journey to financial independence.”

Turns out when you get $15 million in venture capital, you can do most anything. Feast your brain on this clever infographic from a nameless artist commissioned by Fiverr:

Warning: graphic may load slowly

Whew! That was longer than Lindsay Lohan’s rap sheet.

But seriously folks, is it realistic to pursue selling Fiverr gigs as a career? We think they’ve glossed over some of the gritty realities, specifically, just what it takes to sell a lot of gigs. One is relentless self-promotion. With over 1 million gigs on site now, how are people going to find yours? Sellers like djemotion have produced hundreds of videos for their YouTube channel, sent out press releases, lined up interviews with journalists, participated in Fiverr seller groups, contacted friendly bloggers, etc. None of that falls in your lap. To be a top seller it’s all hustle, hustle, hustle.

Another aspect of knocking out these $5 gigs day after day is that to maintain a 100% rating, you are going to have to take a lot of crap from people who want the Moon but are only paying for a Milky Way bar. Every seller who’s been active any amount of time has experienced this. And if you have to get hassled, seems to us you might as well look for a real job in the real world. Regular paychecks have a lot going for them. Regularity, for one. Vacation pay, for another. Employer’s contribution to Social Security, for a third. (Self-employed peeps pay both employer and employee contributions — so they get hit twice.) Health insurance, for a fourth. Stop us while we’re, um, ahead.

What’s your take? Can people really make Fiverr their life’s work? Or is it a hollow dream? Leave us a note in the comments.


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  1. Great post. Don’t know how you found my site, but I’ve read your advice on WF a lot, you really know your stuff. . Thank you.

  2. Love it.
    Thanks for sharing .

  3. For creative types, fiverr’s value doesn’t seem to be so much in using it as a sole source of income. I CAN, however, see them using it to get discovered. Once that happens, it’s reasonable to think that more “serious,” and more expensive, assignments can result.

  4. I have been using Fiver several times – often you can find some very good gigs especially for SEO if you know what to look for.

    I think there is only 2 ways to make a full time living from Fiverr:

    1: You sell gigs you can deliver on auto pilot

    2. You use small gigs to up sell other and more expensive services (like starting with a logo design and ending up making a full website design).

  5. I hope to be achieving that kind of financial independence!!

  6. Well,
    It does go beyond the $5.00. I quit construction to do fiverr full time.

    You are correct in that it takes a bit of advertising on the side to really get found on fiverr.

  7. I have not used fiverr but I am aware of it. I think people can make lot of money on fiverr if their gig is creative, different and doesn’t take lot of effort to complete and deliver.

  8. Nice Info


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