iramency is crafty but in a good way

Jul 05

iramency is crafty but in a good way

We were pretty pleased with ourselves for finding Ira Mency’s blog, iramency being her seller name on Fiverr. The blog is a fantastic pastiche of vintage, retro, handcrafted and hip. Indefatigable Ira Mency (which is actually an anagram for a lady named Cyn) has so many blogs we lost count. But with names like Big Fat Daddy’s and Vintage Chalet, we...

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Blogger profile: karsun

Jun 21

Blogger profile:  karsun

In October of last year, we wrote about blogger and Fiverr seller karsun, a Florida-based freelance writer, self-proclaimed “doggy mom” and small business owner. She has an associate’s degree in criminology (with the handcuffs to prove it) and she’s currently working on her bachelor’s degree. Her well-regarded blog, Karsun’s...

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Blogger profile: lmiller31

Jun 18

Blogger profile:  lmiller31

Today I feel as if I was run over by a herd of cattle. Stiff neck, swollen hip, headache, you name it. Car accident? Nah, just an encounter with a nephew’s Slip-and-Slide. What was fun when you were a kid still has to be fun now, right? Leslie Miller is a fortyish blogger whose cats are named Sid and Nancy and whose appetite for enjoyment sometimes outpaces...

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Buying a blog post on Fiverr? Read this first

May 10

Buying a blog post on Fiverr?  Read this first

In our Fiverr adventures we’ve found a number of helpful bloggers who are willing to publish our (and your) article on their blog. Some even write the article themselves. The SEO goal here is to have a keyworded link back to your site, usually a deep link rather than your home page. Google loves link diversity. The article may also get you some traffic, so it...

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Blogger profile: kpcwriting

Feb 22

Blogger profile:  kpcwriting

Sometimes when you order a Fiverr gig the experience is slightly surreal, like asking for pad thai noodles in a restaurant and getting a Thai phone book instead. This would be one of those times. Fiverr freelancer kpcwriting promises to write an original blog post and place it on her PR2 blog…for $5. As requested, we gave her the URL, anchor text and targeted...

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