Brainstorming Fiverr gig ideas

Nov 13

Brainstorming Fiverr gig ideas

As Emo Philips once observed, “Some mornings it just doesn’t seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.”

You’re allowed to put up as many as 20 gigs on Fiverr, you sooo want to and you’re desperate for inspiration. Face it: All the easy, obvious gig ideas have been done already. Hold up a sign? Passe. Video testimonial? BTDT (and it may be illegal in the U.S.) Put a link on your blogroll? Yawn.

Here’s a fun concept:

But why stop at hands? You can put words so many places: forehead, chest, back, bottom of foot, ankle, midriff. You can even get cheeky and use a discreetly exposed buttock. Dig that thong (we know you have one) out of the back of the closet. Prance around a bit. Anyone remember Goldie Hawn doing this on _Laugh In_? Add high-energy music and you’ve got a winner.

Or how about this: Instead of doing that typical screaming-like-a-madman bit — which is bound to become a cliche before long — why not offer a gig where you make a custom video that teaches an entrepreneur the basics of making their own attention-getting flicks? Before she was Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga posted a series of vids to YouTube and organically grew a following. Help others do the same.


Do you have Skype? Perhaps you’re an expert on weight training, SEO, how to score with chicks, growing orchids or blogging, so why not offer to do lunch? You and your customer brown-bag it, then you sit down to munch and talk about the topic at hand. Your mom asked me to remind you not to chew with your mouth open.

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  1. I sent an email to you last Thursday and have not received a response notifying me that you received it, if anything further needs to be done or anything else. What is the status of my guest post?

    • Charleen Larson /

      Unless yours was the email that started with VERY IMPORTANT AND URGENT FROM DR.AHMED IBRAHIM, I didn’t get it. Or maybe it was the one with “ViagPure will not make you blush with shame in front of her” in the subject line?

      • Lol, very funny. I suppose it was either missed or overlooked. Either way, I sent it again yesterday, Saturday June 4th. It has ‘guest post’ in the subject line and is forwarded from the original time that I sent it, that Thursday :)

        Had I known that you only read emails that say VERY URGENT MESSAGE, etc. and those from Pharmaceutical companies, I would have tried to adjust and title my guest post appropriately, lol.

  2. Cant believe all of the unique ideas people come up with on Fiverr! I would love to get my gig up on this site! Here it is, let me know what ya think! So far 100% and customer super satisfaction!

    Thank you.

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