6 Fiverr best practices to keep you rolling in dough

Jun 18

6 Fiverr best practices to keep you rolling in dough

By Tim Arendse, Associate Editor

Here at Best of Fiverr, we’re connoisseurs of fine gigs. We’ve noticed some practices that make a big difference in a seller’s success. We’re talking about the difference between a knight in shining armor and a hobo wrapped in tinfoil. Feast your eyes on the list below:

Fill out your profile information – the concepts of being anonymous and freelancing go together like chocolate milk and onion rings. It doesn’t quite sound right and your worst fears are soon realized. When people see that you’re a real person, they’re much more likely to purchase from you. Upload that picture and give us some details!

Add a video – here at Best of Fiverr, we believe that not posting a video on your gig is downright criminal. That chunk of virtual real estate is your best chance at convincing a user to purchase your gig. If your gig is in Graphics, take the time to display your best work. If it’s in Tips & Advice, record a video where you solidify your position as an expert. Anything is better than a generic picture stolen from Flickr. Take it from Mark (flyyeslandno) and his cute puppy Shelly:

If he could get Shelly to air guitar he’d really have something. Get a gig video here!

Step inside the shoes of the buyer – when you’re typing up your pitch, imagine what problems commonly plague this service. For example, writing services are often tainted with grammar and punctuation problems. Backlinking services often have lots of dead links. By letting the buyer know that this won’t be an issue and then following through with it, you won’t have any trouble getting gigs.

Respond promptly – there is absolutely nothing worse than buying a gig and not hearing anything for days on end. Making a habit out of responding promptly is an excellent practice that builds relationships and sets the stage for future sales. Many freelancers will set aside some time in the morning and evening to answer e-mails.

Don’t deliver something you wouldn’t be happy receiving yourself – if you go around Fiverr promising Merlot and delivering jugs of vinegar, you’ll soon find yourself out of work. Acquiring new customers is not so simple, especially high-quality customers. Insulting them with poor workmanship wastes both their time and the time you spent marketing yourself. Follow-through with the goodness you provided in your pitch!

Request repeat business – freelancing is a two-way street. Just as buyers like working with reliable freelancers, freelancers like working with reliable buyers. When you find someone you like to work with, request repeat business. Repeat business is the holy grail of freelancing. It is much more difficult to find new clients than it is to write a short e-mail to a former client, inquiring about more work.

We hope you enjoyed our list of best practices. Without excellent gigs, this website can’t go on! We’ll keep providing the tips if you guys keep providing the wonderful gigs.

Best of Fiverr: We’re symbiotic like that.

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      We’re intrigued by your “advice on surviving the Rapture” gig. You say you’ve survived many Raptures? :-)

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      Thanks for the link and the tip about SEO Auto Links. I went with a slightly different plug-in and hopefully it will do the heavy lifting. I’ve been linking to past articles manually and that’s tiring.

  5. Geoff K /

    Terrific advice – in general, the more you consider the perspective of a potential customer or buyer and connect with that person by personalizing your pitch, the better. Very useful fiverr primer!

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