12 free ways to promote your Fiverr gigs and make more money

Nov 25

12 free ways to promote your Fiverr gigs and make more money

By Tim Arendse

As Fiverr becomes more popular, it’s getting hard to get noticed. So we’ve put together this list of free promotion techniques to get the ball rolling!

1. Add a video to your gig – a gig without a video is a very effective way to blend in with 90% of the gigs on Fiverr. That’s a winning strategy for a rodent at the bottom of the food chain but YOU want to stand out! Videos entice clicks, plus you’ll be able to explain in much more detail what your gig is all about.

2. Optimize your tags – let’s face it: Fiverr is enormous. Unless you get featured, not many people will find your gig through passive browsing. By optimizing your tags, it’s far more likely that buyers will run across your gig. How do you know which tags to use? Start by having a look at what the popular gigs in your niche are using. You could also use Google’s Keyword Tool.

3. Posting on relevant forums – you won’t get far with spamming but many forums will allow you to put a link in your signature after you meet a certain minimum number of posts. Here are a few: The Warrior Forum for Internet marketers, Digital Point and the RetailMeNot forums. By creating high-quality posts, you’ll build a reputation and maybe even clientele. And there’s an added bonus if you have an AdSense publisher ID: The RetailMeNot forums have revenue sharing. (Digital Point no longer does.)

4. Create your own YouTube Channel – it’s time to get addicted to the limelight.  Get in front of a camera and show people what you do. Camera shy?  Create a slideshow and record a voice over!  Just so everyone knows, the username FiverrWizard3000 is taken…

5. Create a free blog at Blogger – when you create a new gig, Fiverr gives you a grand total of 450 characters to get your point across. Make those characters count by linking to your personal blog! Pack it with samples of your work and talk about your other gigs. UPDATE: Fiverr doesn’t allow links to blogs any more (too many people were trying to sell off-Fiverr that way) but links to YouTube videos are permitted. Show your work off in a video.


6. Comment on blogs – commenting on blogs like Best of Fiverr is just one more way to get exposure. Just like with forum posts, the higher quality your comment, the more likely people will want to see what else you offer. Spammers need not apply!

7. Social networking – there’s no harm in telling people what you’re up to. Create a Fan Page for your gigs or Tweet about them to your followers. No one is going to ask if you don’t tell them about it first.

8. Referrals – good help is hard to find, especially on Fiverr. If you’ve already got some satisfied customers, why not ask them for some referrals? Chances are, they know someone who could really benefit from your service.

9. Offer review copies to relevant blogs – the hardest part about Fiverr is getting your first few gigs. Buyers look for positive ratings and if you don’t have them, you’re toxic waste. By offering a few review copies, you can easily garner off-site positive ratings to get the ball rolling. We’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find a relevant blog that will accept your review copies… *whistles inconspicuously*

10. Guest posts – bloggers are always after fresh content, especially lazy bloggers who lay in bed all day. [Hey! -- Ed.] Offer them a guest post in exchange for a link to your gigs or blog. Just remember… whatever you put into the blogosphere could be read by a lot of people. Write something that will make you proud and make others take notice.

11. Press release – just like bloggers are on the lookout for fresh content, so is the media. If you think you’ve got a winning gig, write a short press release and send it out to the free press release sites. Don’t forget to contact your local media sources as well. There are plenty of people who still don’t know about Fiverr and this is a great way to get the word out.

12. User-generated websites – websites like Squidoo and HubPages lets users create pages on whatever interests them. Would it be wrong to include your gig on the page, “Top Fiverr Gigs”? Not if you’re offering quality!

Want more ways to promote? Sure! We’ve got ‘em here: 12 MORE free ways to promote your Fiverr gigs and make more money.

With all those free options for promoting your gigs, it’s almost criminal not to do so. Do yourself and other Fiverr users a favor by making yourself noticed.

Anxious to get on with making your five-dollar fortune? Check out this new book that shows you how to compete, overtake and ultimately dominate your Fiverr competition: Money Making Methods: Fiverr

The star of this video has self-promotion down to a science.

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  1. This resembles a lot with my submited article :)
    Good Job !

  2. Forgot to say
    at step 5) Create a free blog at Blogger
    I created my personalized page where i explained my gigs , features, why is good to order from me, etc but no e-mail address , no contact .
    They denied my Gig my gig telling me that “possible to contact over website” or something like that
    So watch out ,
    Even if it is really stupid, because ,for example, they have featured a girl who teach italian over SKYPE … and they denied my website
    you can check it out at : http://fiverr.area52.ro

  3. admin /

    Good point! Besides, people will always find a way to communicate. We’ve been kicking around the idea of launching a forum here. What do you think?

  4. I think putting up a forum would be a pretty awesome amazing idea. It would seem that there’s a lot of sellers who come here and it would be a handy spot to talk about our experiences, what works, what doesn’t, ect. [There. Fixed it for ya! -- Ed.]

  5. Sometimes I see a person who has two Fiverr seller IDs, which I think you can do as long as you have two PayPal accounts. (Don’t know if that’s okay under Fiverr rules, though.) So they could have as many as 40 gigs up at one time. And some of these are just variations on the same basic idea, rewriting the “I will…for $5″ title slightly each time so they don’t get flagged as duplicate gigs.

    • At the beginning of Fiverr, you didn’t have to had different paypal e-mail addresses. You just filled each time the e-mail address and it was perfect. And still now, you can use different variations of your paypal address ( you can do that ) on different Fiverr id’s…

  6. Thanks for sharing this post. I am 1 year old on fiverr and have gigs on social bookmarking submission i will surely use these ideas to promote my gigs.

  7. These are really some amazing tips and thanks for sharing

  8. Another great way to get some exposure for your gig is to search Yahoo answers for open questions that are related to your gig.

    For example, if you have a gig to give someone 500 twitter followers, you would look for questions such as, “How can I get more Twitter followers.” When you find a related open question, you can provide a well-written answer, along with a link to your gig in the source box.

    Works great!

  9. Thanks for sharing this.
    After my expirience fiverr gives a chance to every gig, but if you don’t make a sale after 20 – 40 views they throw you down their rankings. So the most important things you have to do is what you stated in point 1 and 2 of your list.
    And don’t be to shy to modify your gig if it’s not working. Sometimes some small modifications help to make the first sale.

  10. Thanks for the tips. Going to be working on some of these things in the near future.

  11. Yes… true and interesting points. However, maybe you’ll write the 13 point. Free also. Join ALL fiverr clones and you’ll have ten times more success on fiverr.

    If you are able to tell me why I will write about you.

    Let me know.

    Thank you.


  12. Some great tips on promoting your gig. It took a little while to get my gigs going but as long as you have something good it snowballs after there. One thing I did to increase exposure in the begging was purchase some traffic for about $5 for 1000 views. This helped to get my original gig going. Now it’s all smiles from there. Check out my PR4, PR5 permanent blogroll links if you get a chance. FlyBy

  13. ive created a landing page just for my gig, I drive ppc, social, email, and organic traffic all to that page and advertise it instead of the actual link given by fiverr. in addition to the items mentioned in the post, its increased my orders 3 times over.

    • That’s a brilliant idea! Not only are you creating an environment where your gigs are exclusively marketed (no distractions), you’re building your brand.

      We tend to think in terms of leveraging Fiverr’s enormous traffic, but it certainly doesn’t have to work that way, especially if you’re willing to put in the effort to promote your own gigs. Well done. Have you considered putting together a gig that teaches people step-by-step how to promote their own gigs?

  14. awesome…mid blowing…me too good in video testimonials and article writing…
    grab me at http://fiverr.com/arjunrocks..

  15. I went off fiverr a couple or so months ago with crappy gigs, but thought id have a final role of the dice. Purchased off a top rated seller Jazzy7 and got tremendous value, promote to 60,000 facebook fans and social book marks. Id recommend him/her to anyone absolutely amazing, thank you again!


  16. Hi there,

    This is indeed a great list of tips to promore Fiverr Gigs. I have been using some of the methods here but never thought of actually creating a lens on my Fiverr gigs! that’s an awesome idea and I will sure give it a try!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  17. I have been in Fiverr during 1 month. I am promoting my Gigs in twitter and some other social networking sites also since I joined. But still my Gigs are 40-50 views only.
    I didn’t apply the other proses which you described, but I will apply the other proses also, hope to get more views.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  18. Well my one product on fiver has actually got 61 views…and I have sold 6 which I would say is a 10% conversion rate.

    Its not hard when your product is good!

  19. thanx for sharing such a nice tips it will help to boost some income from fiverr

  20. Hey there! Nice tips given. I am also a seller at fiverr. I mainly do technology related services, but this post really will help me to do any kind of promotion. Well written. Keep up the great quality of posts. :)
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  21. I just sign up for fiverr and started to gig but my gigs are not appearing on homepage either on the categories and selected, please tell me whats wrong?

    • It’s a bit of a crapshoot as to where your gigs will appear. Often your very first gig makes it to the front page but it’s not guaranteed.

  22. I want some help on fiverr. I am a newbie to this business. A few days back I had done a $5 job for a member. I did not receive his reply yet and more importantly money has not been transferred to my account. Checking his profile, I found out that he had visited the website some 14 hours ago, much after I sent him the mail regarding my completed work. Is he cheating with me like he is keeping the completed work file free.

    Anyway please tell me how to communicate with the client when the work is done.

    • You can use the Conversation tab to communicate after the work is complete. The buyer has no control over whether or not you get paid — if you completed the work, you’ll get paid. It takes 14 days.

  23. Thanks for sharing this great and very informative article, I am new in fiverr and as I stumble upon searching on how to promote my gig I saw your page. I will follow this step and looking forward to earn more money.Thanks a lot.

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  25. makemebark /

    Thanks for all the recommendations. I’m new to fiverr as well and I’m looking for a way to market my gigs too :(

    Some of my gigs are:


    I love this site but my gigs get sunk down the page as it doesn’t get much traffic. Will definitely give a try for the tips mentioned on this page!

    • Wow, I’d never seen your gigs before. You’re right: It is awfully hard to get traffic once you’re no longer in the first few pages. Thanks for commenting!

  26. I’m relatively new to Fiverr (I’ve been on it for about 2 months) and it was hard to get orders at the start – I’d only get about 2 or 3 orders a week (I do photo, video and movie editing). Now I get about 3 or 4 a day and have already gained loyal clients who come back to me whenever they need any editing done.

    I think the key to starting to getting business on Fiverr was using a variety of descriptive tags that I thought people would use whenever they needed to search for editing gigs. The advice I would give to new sellers is to not be disheartened if business is a little slow to start off with – It’ll start to speed up as soon as you get some positive ratings, which is why it’s always important to satisfy your buyers!

    Great article!

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  30. Great post, I’m generally a fiverr seller, but am tuning into the real possibilites on fiverr.

    I think it’s awesome for lead gen… of course, you need to offer quality, or you’re gonna get no where.

    I just put up 2 video gigs… I got my first order for one… but, he wants a refund… it’s pretty funny… the gig is, your pic, logo etc… on a huge billboard, in Times Square, for $5… It’s a video.

    This guy orders… then asks, is this a real billboard… if not, can I have a refund!

    Brightened up my day….. so, another tip… make sure you word your gig right, for extra dumb people…

    Check it, http://fiverr.com/bringitvideo/display-your-message-url-pic-on-a-huge-billboard-in-times-square-new-york-and-send-you-the-video

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  51. About creating a blog, I want you to know that fiverr dose not allow you to link to your personal site.

    You can link to youtube and few other sites.

    • jcearrings /

      You’re right.

      For the first year or so, people were allowed to have a link in their Fiverr profile. We linked to this blog. Then all of a sudden links were disallowed. We understand why they did it, but 450 characters is really not enough to describe some gigs and include caveats. You need to put all that information in your gig video now.

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